The Pantry

The Pantry, 64 Talbot Street, D1

64 Talbot St, D1 (Under the railway bridge)

It’s just a couple of weeks since The Pantry launched their Coffee To Go station, just inside the restuarant door on the right.  Handy for picking up a coffee  on your way to or from Connolly station.

There’s a simple coffee menu: cappuccino, latte, americano, etc.  All around the same price (€2.50) and a counter with a few “to go” snacks to supplement your drink.  The machine is a very clean looking two group Gaggia, the work area was very clean and I noticed the barista, wipe his work area again with a tissue before beginning to make my drink.  There being no other customers he took his time, and seemed to do a good job of frothing the milk.  Regretably he also added chocoloate sprinkles to the espresso.  I really don’t understand why so many baristas seem to think this is compulsory in a cappuccino – fortunately he didn’t overdo it.

While waiting for my drink, I noticed a poster proclaiming that The Pantry uses Tiki coffee, which by a co-incidence is supplied by Matthew Algie the independant coffee roaster, that also supplies Insomnia.

So to the coffee:  Well presented in a 250mil cup with saucer.  Once the milk had cooled (I think it was served just a tad too hot)  it was easy to discern the  excellent fruity flavour.  A mild but flavourfull drink.  I think it would suit many a pallet. Personally I think the barista added a little too much milk which teneded to soften the coffee flavour, next time, I’ll ask them not to add quite so much milk, but that’s a personal choice and you might consider it the ideal brakfast coffee.  In any event it doesn’t affect its rating here.  It definitely gets three spoons.  A nice drink.

Designation: Cafe (independant resturant)
Drink: Cappuccino, 2 shots €2.50. (2 shot latte, €2.50)
Venue: Scores 2 stars
Coffee: Scores 3 spoons.
Overall: Scores 5/10
Would I go back there: Yes – thought I’d probably ask them to put less milk in the cappuccino.
Would I recommend it to a friend: Yes
Outdoor seating: No –  danger of getting trampled to death at peak DART times.
Comment: Workmanlike Cafe/Resto, €7.95 for home made sheperds’ pie. Gets good reviews on
Telephone: 01 836 5334
Date of visit: 15:50  Friday, 4th February 2011

©2011 David Marshall & Café Magazine

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